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Ansel Elgort and his girlfriend Violetta Komyshan for Amanda Uprichard Spring Collection 2013

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We cannot doubt the depth of her feelings because Felicity will have other love interests in S3. Those love interests exist not because Felicity doesn’t love Oliver. They exist because Felicity believes she can’t HAVE Oliver. She’s simply trying to move with her life, with a severely broken heart, as best she can. And Oliver is trying to let her go. The question is…will Felicity be able to move on? Should she? That’s the journey. That’s the struggle. This season isn’t about Felicity deciding if she loves Oliver. Felicity knows she loves Oliver. It’s about Felicity deciding IF LOVE IS ENOUGH.

Jen  jbuffyangel - Interesting insights on Olicity - Season 3

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" Cause i don’t wan fall in love if you do not want to try!!"

" But i’ve thinking … and maybe you are MINE"

" Just say you LOVE ME"…

Jessie Ware - Say you love me

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